Awaken your inner potential

Sannyas Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours aims to give you a clear understanding of the principles of yoga and of the essential elements needed to deepen your inner awareness in your practice of yoga, in order to be an authentic guide to your self and others.

We are going to explore various techniques and Yoga Practices such as Tantra, Hatha, Vinyasa ans Shamanic.

Our creative approach to the wonderful ancient wisdom of Yoga and Meditation allows our students to align and embrace their mind body soul connection.

We focus on sharing the power of yoga to assist in the personal and spiritual growth of each participant empowering them to awaken their potential, find clarity and purpose in life, to achieve a state of happiness, balance, freedom, fulfillment and share this teaching with the world.

Sannyas Teaching is designed and available to anyone ready to deepen their understanding and knowledge of yoga and existence, everything you will learn will give you a solid and powerful foundation to apply in your everyday personal, professional, relationship, health and spiritual life.

What You Will Learn

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

  • Introduction to the philosophy of yoga
  • History of Yoga
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Advaita Vedanta, Hatha and the rise of Tantra
  • The four paths of Yoga: Raja, Karma, Bhakti, and Jnana
  • The Gunas
  • The eight limbs of Patanjali
  • The Koshas and Pranas


  • Working with the breath
  • Drishti and inner focus
  • Vinyasa, connecting breath and movement
  • kryas
  • Meditation techniques and application


  • Movements of the spine
  • Benefits, modifications and contraindications
  • Practice and experimental teaching of asanas
  • warm-up techniques
  • relaxing and restorative poses

You will also learn how to adapt the asanas for specific needs, levels and conditions.


You will learn and experience the benefits of various pranayama techniques as well as when to incorporate them into the class.

  • Purpose of pranayama
  • Cleansing practices
  • Connecting breath and movement
  • Explore diverse breathing techniques and their benefits


  • Introduction, intention, history and daily practice of meditation
  • Mindfulness and awareness
  • Meditating with sound & mantras


You will explore the power of the mantra

  • Learn to chant and present yogic mantras for the beginning and/or ending of yoga classes
  • Bija mantras for purifying the chakras including using these mantras in meditation

Teaching Methodology

  • Principles of teaching
  • Finding your inner teaching voice
  • Learn the three main teaching methods: verbal, visual and physical
  • Science of sequencing
  • Practice Teaching
  • The business of Yoga: Yoga teacher mindset
  • Developing your own personal teaching philosophy
During this training you will experience rituals, sharing, healing circles, creative movement and many fun moments of creativity and celebration.