Don’t just take our word for it, see what our past students have to say!

Ana Lucia moves through her life with an open heart. She is a gift to us all. She teaches from experience with much love and tenderness.

Pouria Montazeri / USA

Thatja is not just a yoga teacher. She connects every aspect of our environment in her sessions. I was stressed and not aware of the good aspects around me.. After a few sessions I surprised myself smiling much more than before and being able to control my anger. Thank you Thatja! See you soon.

Antoine Duval / Entrepreneur

Analu is a master at making people learn in an honest, open, fun, and loving kind of way. I don’t think there is a better yoga teacher out there.

Eric Michelson / USA

Meeting this young lady has been an experience like no other to me thus far. Her perspective on life, love, and healing, is different from what women have been taught to feel for decades. I have many demons I battle who’s origins are rooted in a difficult emotional upbringing. Being around Thatja’s energy has made me see new light. We all are works in progress, but the positivity and strength in this girl is limitless. I pushed her away when I first met her. I did not allow her to get close to me. But she continued to keep her hands extended towards mine. It takes a very special person to see passed another person’s walls. To take stand in the rain without an umbrella with faith that she will be invited into this home with it’s concrete walls and no doors. I am very thankful to have shared energy with her!

Shar Shar Movements / NYC Broadway Dancer

I have had the pleasure of experiencing one of the best healing sessions ever with this beautiful soul. She follows her instincts and intuition and uses her warm loving energy to help you feel amazing. During and after the session, I felt calm, rejuvenated and spiritually at peace. Thank you so much Thatja! You are such a beautiful and inspirational woman.

Ruby Banga / Real State Investor

I had the pleasure of working with Thatja at a shamanic yoga workshop very recently in NYC. It was my first time experiencing shamanic yoga and it was for myself a beautiful marriage of breath, movement, sound, and spirit. What I loved about being lead by Thatja was her encouragement to hold space with her. Thatja provided the comfort and enthusiasm to involve us in the creation of the process as much as she was sharing the philosophy of the practice. Her continuous message that we are ultimately our own healers and teachers at the end of the day further instills my belief in HER as a healer and teacher.

Bella Cleopatra / Artist & Actress