Alessandrais the founder and director of Sannyas Yoga Academy. A passionate lifestyle entrepreneur, therapist, Yoga teacher, artist and philanthropist living in alignment with her life purpose and mission to explore, harmonise and empower the human spirit.

Alessandra was born in Milan, Italy, feeling the pressure of the stressful city lifestyle and seeing people living in the pursuit of an imaginary healthy and happy existence, she left home in her early 20’s to travel the world and discover what it has to offer, and what life is all about. During this time she met powerful teachers and learned from world masters such as Don Jose Ruiz, Osho’s successor, Louise Lynn Hay, Michael Beckwith and many more.

Alessandra’s passion is for music, natural medicine, growth and expansion, she strongly believes that everyone has the ability and potential to realise the deepest dreams and desires and live in harmony with all that is. Her unique heart centred teaching is all about self-love, intentional living, empowerment and lifestyle ethics.

Inspired by her studies, a PhD. in metaphysical humanistic science and vibrational medicine, her worldwide travels and life experiences, Alessandra supports her students and clients in removing limiting beliefs and blockages, reprogramming the mind and body for success from a place of understanding, clarity and love.

Through the practice of yoga, meditation, movement, introspection and music, Alessandra will focus her classes on bringing awareness into your present life to shift anything that is holding you back on all levels of your being; physical, mental and emotional.

Chef Gustavo

Gustavo was born and raised in Brazil, however, he is from an Italian heritage. From his father and grandmother, Gustavo inherited the Italian passion for cooking. Along the years, he become a world traveler, and a seasoned international Vegan & Vegetarian Chef. While living in Australia, he joined ‘TAFE’, a distinguished cookery school where he developed a huge range of culinary skills.

A big shift occurred in 2008 when Gustavo decided to become a Vegetarian. Soon after that, he was given the opportunity to take a position as a Head Chef in a famous holistic retreat Ashram in South of Brazil, a place called ‘Enchanted Mountain’. He also served as a volunteer at the AMMAS’s kitchen in India, and also during her retreats in Spain, France, Australia and the Netherlands.

His passion for travelling took him to Lisbon, Portugal, where he worked for a famous restaurant called ‘Garden of The Senses’, and also opened his first Vegan Bistro called “Oriental Rout”.

Gustavo cooking creativity has become famous as his recipes become bestsellers. His work has featured in magazines, newspapers, and he has taken part in several TV shows.

At this moment, Bali is the place where Gustavo calls home, and we are so happy to have him as our in-house Vegan-Vegetarian Chef, here at Sannyas Yoga Academy. .


Valentina is an Italian from Sardinia where she grew up from an early age surrounded by the ocean and there she developed her love for the water. She left Italy in her early twenties moving to Australia where she discovered her new passion for surfing. Over the past decade she has been living between Australia and Indonesia and travelling the world chasing the perfect wave. She has studied sport and recreation specialising in surfing and she qualified as a surf instructor 8 years ago and since she has been sharing her passion by teaching people to surf from all over the world. She absolutely loves what she does and her teaching is a mix of physical, mental and spiritual. She loves to guide you through the very first step to catching your first wave to helping improving the surfing skills of more advanced surfers.

Valentina also loves Yoga, natural healing, music and has a strong passion for cooking coming from her Italian background.

Valentina is also the founder of Sannyas Yoga Academy

Chiara – Tej Amrita Kaur

Chiara, Tej Amrita Kaur is a student and teacher of the yogic lineage ‘Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan’ citizen of the world, based in between Bali, Spain and Italy from where she comes from.

Trained at RA MA Institute in Palma de Mallorca she found her Dharmic Path through Kundalini Yoga after more than a decade dedicated to her personal growth and studying other yogic and esoteric lineages such as Traditional Hatha Yoga, Pranic Energy Healing and Yoga Nidra of which she also holds a teacher’s certificates.

Life is her greatest teacher, her pioneristic way of living brought her to spend more than 7 years in Cambodia where she learnt from their genuine way of living how to deeply appreciate the essence of Life and enjoy it fully.

She is entirely committed to create and hold spaces for healing and elevation with her presence, devoted heart and though the technology of Kundalini Yoga she can support people’s personal and spiritual growth.


Your journey into yoga teacher training at Sannyas will be safely and gently guided by our highly qualified asana and philosophy teacher Cate Thomas. Cate is faithful to the tradition of Hatha Yoga and sees her role as teacher to help students “remember” their inherent knowledge. Cate focus is on emotional healing student teachers so they can in turn best serve their students, to help find the student teacher’s dharma and unearth the rich knowledge that lays deep in all humans. Cate will improve your awareness of form and function and promises you will leave with everything you need to be a sensational teacher. “I will show up for you every day in every way, and when you leave you will have everything you need to be the best version of yourself and a brilliant yoga teacher authentic, healed, powerful and connected” Cate Thomas 2018

Sannyas Yoga & Fitness Teacher Mentor Program

Have you just finished your Yoga Teacher Training and eager to teach but everywhere you look wants at least 1-2 years of teaching experience? Where can you go to get this real life teaching experience after the YTT buzz has faded away? We understand the gap and the need for a bridge between teacher trainings and being confident and job ready. Sannyas has now created that bridge.

Sannyas is a Yoga academy leading our teachers through Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops. In addition to education we also offer opportunities for candidates who share the Sannyas Team vibe and ethos. These placements are for new teachers in need of class hours and for more experienced teachers wanting to support facilitation of Yoga Teacher Trainings. We provide this unique opportunity in a supportive, non intimidating space where teachers can continue to learn and grow through guidance and feedback from our senior teachers. This is 100% Karma position with no exchange of payment, Sannyas simply offers a space and the opportunity to teachers to practice their classes in front of students and we give them feedback along the way. We take applicants periodically throughout the year based on availability of senior staff to mentor and the previous applicants duration of stay. Typically one month blocks are recommended to gain the most benefit of our program.

If you would like to be wait listed for when our applications re-open please send us your story and your reason to apply – info@sannyasyogaacademy.com

– Applications Currently Closed –