About Sannyas Yoga Academy

We have designed, built and created Sannyas Yoga Academy with love, to facilitate the most wonderful and meaningful transformational Yoga teacher training for our students.

We care for the little details, customer service and environment.

Our Academy is purposely located across the road from the beach to encourage our students to connect with nature and the ocean, one of the main beauties and attractions of the magnificent island of Bali.

If you love to awaken your creativity and inner potential, tap into your life purpose, live intentionally while connecting with the ocean and the rhythm of music – you have found your teaching!

Our Purpose

Sannyas Yoga Teacher Training is designed with the purpose to give you a clear understanding of the principles of yoga and of the essential elements needed to deepen your inner awareness in your practice of yoga in order to be an authentic guide to yourself and others.

We are going to explore various techniques and Yoga practises such as Hatha, Vinyasa & Shamanic. Our creative approach to the wonderful ancient wisdom of Yoga and Meditation allows our students to align and enhance their mind body soul connection.

We focus on sharing the power of yoga to assist in the personal and spiritual growth of each participant empowering them to awaken their inner potential, find clarity and purpose in life, to achieve a state of happiness, balance, freedom, fulfilment and share this teaching with the world.

Sannyas teaching is designed and available to anyone ready to deepen their understanding and knowledge of yoga and existence; everything you learn will give you a solid and powerful foundation to apply in your everyday personal, professional, relationship, health and spiritual life.

Discover what makes us different

Heart Centred Teaching

We absolutely love what we do and our teaching comes from the heart. Each and every teacher and member of our team is driven by a deep passion for the Art of Yoga, Science and Metaphysics of the human potential.

Our mission is to guide you, inspire you and support you through this journey of self discovery and growth.

Intentional Living

We strongly believe in the power of intention, each day begins with a group morning practice at sunrise, which is the most powerful time of day to set your intention and experience the power of asana, pranayama and meditation.

You will be introduced to the art of intentional living and learn how to use this inner force to tap into a flow state.

Class Theme

During your practice we will show you the art of teaching with a theme, the aim is to deepen your own practice and experience, to allow you to deliver rich meaningful classes.

Creative Sequencing

Once you have learned the basics of yoga each student is invited to apply this wisdom to share a creative practice and tap into their inner creative teaching.

This is a powerful way to discover your talent and a wonderful way of self expression allowing your unique touch to lead your students.

Intuitive Flow Sounds and Music

We strongly believe in the power and benefit of sounds and music, based on the concept that everything is energy vibrating to a certain frequency, sound has the ability to heal and reharmonise any imbalances in instants.

We teach how to integrate this powerful ancient healing tool in your teaching and to bring balance and harmony to your everyday life.

Neuroscience and Intentional Living

At Sannyas Yoga Academy you will learn how to find, understand and maintain a deep connection with yourself, the environment and each living being. We teach and support self exploration, growth and discovery to achieve a state of enlightenment and self realisation.

Everything you learn will give you a solid and powerful foundation to apply in your everyday personal, professional, relationship, health and spiritual life.